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United Nations

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The United Nations Activity: Review Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Have students work in pairs, small groups, or as a large group to skim Handout A: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to get an impression of its contents and structure. They should answer these questions: What similarities and differences do you note between the UDHR and United States founding documents? Which approach to thinking about rights is more enforceable? According to the 8th paragraph of the Preamble, who is responsible for securing the rights and freedom listed in the UDHR? By what means?

The United Nations Activity: Compare the Universal Declaration of Rights to the U.S. Founding Documents

Students will use Handout A: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Handout B: Excerpts, United States Declaration of Independence (1776), Handout C: Excerpts, United States Constitution (1787), Handout D: United States Constitution, Amendments 1-27 to compare the UDHR to the U.S. Founding Documents. They should record their comparison on Handout E: Graphic Organizer Comparing the UDHR with U.S. Founding Documents.

Student Handouts

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