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Alice Paul and Responsibility Virtue in Action

  • I can identify specific responsibilities I hold.
  • I can recognize how these responsibilities may shift and change over time.

Alice Paul’s work for women’s rights was a responsibility she worked for her entire life. We have many responsibilities in our lives that may shift and change over time.

Brainstorm a list of responsibilities you carry. Consider your role as a student, family member, friend, teammate, or other.

Example: Responsible for watching little sister


For Alice Paul, the equality of men and women was a core belief that motivated her work across time. Choose one of your responsibilities from your list above. Reflect on what motivates you to carry out this responsibility.

Example: I help with my sister because I have to, but I love my family and they are important to me.


How might this core value motivate you to take on other responsibilities in the future? For instance, Paul’s belief in the equality of men and women motivated her work for women’s suffrage. After women were given the right to vote with the Nineteenth Amendment, she worked to ensure equal rights for women and men.

Example: When I am older, I can make sure to have time to check in with my little sister to keep up with her life and offer her support and advice if I have any. 


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