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Anthony Simone

BRI Executive Team

Vice President, Development

Anthony started at the Bill of Rights Institute in February of 2022, bringing extensive accomplishments developing and implementing strategic sales and marketing plans, coaching and leading sales teams and creating trusted relationships with relevant stakeholders, in both non-profit and for-profit settings. Anthony employs a leadership style that is empathetic and inclusive. He has had long tenures at trade associations, insurance and securities firms, and in the non-profit sector as a manager, developer, and volunteer leader.

Anthony’s passion for the mission of The Bill of Rights Institute stems from a youth spent wandering the battlefields of the American Revolution in the Northeast, receiving a degree with a concentration in Federal American History, and maintaining a strong interest in developing an ever-deeper understanding of and appreciation for the ideals of the American Experiment.

Anthony has been a syndicated columnist and writes frequently on American history, music and prose.

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