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Structured Dialogue


  • I can discuss the complexities of choosing to act courageously in their daily lives.
  • I can reflect on the importance of courage in a healthy civil society.


Structured Dialogue is a technique to practice listening and reflection. Work with one partner. One person will state the prompts, and the other will answer them. While the responder is giving their answer, they cannot be interrupted. Try to keep your answers concise. When they have finished, say, “Thank you” and state the next prompt.

When all the prompts have been asked, switch roles. At the end of the activity, each person will have both stated the prompts and responded to them.


  1. Tell me about the Bravest person you know.
  2. Tell me the elements required to act courageously.
  3. Tell me the risks of acting courageously.
  4. Tell me why it is important to act with courage in todays society.

Final Reflection 

  1. Think back to the beginning of this lesson when you discussed what makes a person brave. Did anything change in your understanding of the need for bravery and courage during these activities? Explain.
  2. What does courage look like for you in today’s society? How can you act with courage as you navigate your future?