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Handout A: Free Exercise Anticipation Guide

Directions: Before reading Handout B, read each scenario in the middle of the chart below. Fill in whether you think what the scenario describes is constitutional or unconstitutional.

Then, read Handout B. Complete the third column of the chart by determining if your answer in the first column was supported by the Supreme Court, the explanation the Court made in the case, and whether or not you agree with the ruling.

Before Reading: Constitutional or Unconstitutional? Scenario Was your choice the same as the court? How did the court explain their ruling? Do you agree with the ruling?
Two people were arrested after they walked through a Roman Catholic neighborhood and asked two men they met on the street to listen to an anti-Catholic message.
A person was fired for using peyote, an illegal drug, as part of a Native American religious service. The state refused to pay welfare benefits to the person who lost his job.
Several cities banned a religious group from using animal sacrifice as a part of their prayer ritual.
The state fined members of the Amish religion who refused to send their teenage children to school.