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George Washington and Prudence Virtue in Action Organizer

  • I can apply prudence and other relevant civic virtues to situations that may arise in my life.

Essential Vocabulary

prudence Practical wisdom that applies reason and other virtues to discern the right courses of action in specific situations.


Directions:  Fill in the chart below by creating a solution to the presented scenario that requires prudence. Note what other virtues would be required to take this course of action by referring to your civic virtues handout. The first scenario has been done for you as an example, using the story of George Washington from your reading.


Scenario Prudence in Action Other virtues needed in this course of action
Upset about a lack of pay, Washington’s army begins talking of a military coup Washington addresses his men’s concerns and appeals to their personal affection for him as a leader to put down any talk of rebellion -Courage to stand up to a group of angry men

-Moderation to avoid going to the extreme of starting a rebellion

-Humility to admit to needing glasses/growing older and frail

Two major tests were assigned on the same day. A friend says they have a copy of the essay questions for one of the tests.
A group of friends arranged to see your favorite performer in concert on the same day as your grandmother’s birthday.
Your friend posted a picture of you sleeping with your mouth open on social media.
Someone made a joke at your expense in class. The teacher did not address the situation and you are angry.
You did not make the varsity team as you hoped. You are embarrassed and very disappointed.



How does using prudence in personal behavior translate into civil society? In other words, will the habit of applying prudence affect how you interact with others at school, in the community, and elsewhere? Explain.