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Ambition Graphic Organizer

Ambition Graphic Organizer


  • I can differentiate between self-sacrificing and self-serving ambition by naming examples and supporting my claims with evidence. 


Make a list of three examples in stories or movies of characters who were ambitious to serve the larger good and three who pursued their own self-interested ambition. Then complete the rest of the chart. The first row is done for you as an example. 

Essential Vocabulary 

self-serving Using one’s talents and ambition to only serve oneself 
self-sacrificing Using one’s talents and ambition for the greater good 


Character from Movie/Book/Story  Self-Sacrificing OR

 Self-Serving Ambition


(What did they do?)


(Explain your reasoning for labeling this character as self-sacrificing or self-serving.)

Example: Gingerbread Man Self-serving Bragging about how fast he is and how no one can catch him Ultimately, failed for trusting a fox to help him in his ambition to be the fastest. His ambition blinded him to the fox’s interest of eating him. 
1. Self-serving
2. Self-serving
3. Self-serving
4. Self-Sacrificing
5. Self-Sacrificing
6. Self-Sacrificing

Reflection and Discussion Questions

  1. How do you know when ambition is self-sacrificing or self-serving?
  2. Why is ambition directed toward self-sacrifice and public service a civic virtue, whereas self-interested ambition is a vice?